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Enlightened your Inner Child and Transform your Life!

I will help you to explore and heal any unresolved emotions, traumas, or experiences from your childhood, allowing you to reach deep emotional healing, peace, and joy.

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My journey started in 1999 when I was certified as Reiki Master. I was offering energy healing in a spiritual center. I didn’t choose it as a professional career until my mother had terminal cancer and decided to move back to Peru to help her cope with her new challenges. During eight months, I offered her daily healing therapy to alleviate her pain and bring her peace. In the beginning, she didn’t believe in this “thing,” as she referred to it. But after feeling joy during this time, she asked me to continue offering this healing practice. It led me to realize that this was my life mission. Therefore, after more than 25 years of working in Corporate America, I decided to follow my heart and dedicate my life to empowering women.

I am a Channeler, Family Constellations Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Thetahealer, Andean Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Kriya Yoga, Radiesthesia, and Access Consciousness Practitioner, among other holistic certifications that will allow me to offer you a customized therapy that will open new paths for happiness, health, and success.

At least 10% of the profits of the events are donated to Lotus House, a women’s homeless shelter in Miami. She also supports and offers healing therapies to Andean Women Artisan Cooperatives in Cusco, Peru.

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What her Clients Think About her Therapy

  • Jessica Brothers (Entrepreneur)

  • My experience with Lucia was phenomenal. She brought out of me something that I had buried so deep that I didn't remember. The movement I felt in my body was stuck energy that I felt like a pain in my hip and it cleared out by the end of our session. This work is huge! Absolutely amazing and recommend her!

  • Analia Rodriguez (Yoga Teacher)

  • It was a beautiful and powerful session. I was able to let go of very unconscious fears and anxieties that were causing me discomfort, reconciling and gratefully accepting the past! Thank you Lucia for holding this safe and loving space, and guiding me in this healing process

  • Cathia Dos Santos ( Entrepreneur)

  • I had a session with Lucia in a time when I was needing some connection with my inner child. I felt very comfortable, safe and Lucia was amazing in driving my therapeutical experience. I felt I connected to myself, my lineage, and my heart. Thank you Lucia for your beautiful medicine and offer to the world.

  • Sherrell Santana ( Echo Technician)

  • I was  feeling very sad after the loss of my Father. Lucia walked me through some very enlightening, uplifting and relieving conversations. After our first session I was relaxed, less anxious and feeling much happier. I am thankful for the enlightenment she gave me.

  • Olga Alcazar ( Account Supervisor)

  • My session with her was not only enlightening and transformative, but it allowed me to let go of something I had harbored inside of me since I was very young. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she has such a comforting presence that allows you to just be you. Looking forward to all of the future healing that awaits

  • Olga Terlitsky (Concert violinist)


  • Sessions with Lucia have changed my life, have changed me. Her heart is kind and caring, her mind is wise and clever, and she, herself, is open-minded and genuine! And even though my sessions are presently paused, I constantly feel her supportive presence in my life! Thank you, Lucia, for all you've done for me, and for all you will do in the future.

  • Mayte Delamata (Real State Investor)

  • Lucia was amazing. She helped me through a very difficult transition in my life. I highly recommend Lucia to anyone who wants real breakthroughs and real transformation in their life. 

  • Geraldine Totesaut (Marketing Executive)

  • I took a session with Lucia to heal my inner child and it was way better than expected. I have worked a lot on myself and the experience with her took me to another level of inner peace. I felt I healed so much pain that I cannot even describe it. Lucia is caring and compassionate. She has the special intuition. I highly recommend her.

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Online Customized Private Session

Even if you are a high performer, you may experience stress, anger, fear, pain, frustration, among other emotions that prevent you from creating the life of your dreams.

My customized therapy will help you to remove your limiting beliefs and/or energy by helping you to connect with yourself to make changes that will transform your life. You can experience the transformation from your first session. Learn more about my therapy in the Google reviews under "Lucia Lanatta" and in the link below.

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Women Transformation Retreat in Cusco - June 21-26, 2024

Are you ready to open your heart to experience deep renewal?

Be part of a unique women's group experience that will facilitate your reconnection with the deepest part of you. A space to discover a new perspective of yourself and to awaken virtues that you did not know you had and are part of your essence. Spaces are limited. Join us!

Please click above the image to watch the video. Contact me to share all the details!

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Full Moon Experience at the beach 

It is time to let go what doesn't serve you anymore! Join us to connect, open your heart, mind, and soul to experience a magical and a unique night! You will experience Inner Child Healing, Meditation, Energy cleansing and Healing, Sound-bath, Cacao Ceremony, Breath-work, Ritual and unforgettable moments with beautiful souls like you!

Spaces are limited, so please RSVP at 305 216 3347 or [email protected] to receive all the details!

See you at the beach!

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Private Spiritual Events 

 If you would like to have a meaningful, unique and customized birthday party or any other special celebration for you or your loved ones, please contact me! You will have unforgettable and magical moments with your loved ones!

Book your event today! Contact me to discuss details and the energy exchange!

Call +1 305 216 3347

Inner Child Healing Experience

Embark on a transformative journey of Inner Child Healing! During this event, you will have the opportunity to explore and heal any unresolved emotions, traumas, or experiences from your childhood. Through guided meditations, interactive exercises, and group discussions, you will learn how to nurture and heal your inner child, allowing for deep emotional healing and personal growth.

We will create a safe and supportive space for you to delve into your emotions and release any past wounds. This event is designed for anyone who wants to reconnect with their inner child, gain self-awareness, and experience emotional healing.

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New Moon Women Circle Experience

The New Moon provides a powerful energy for self-reflection and growth, making it the perfect time to be part of this amazing experience! Join us to create, manifest and awake your goddess within you! It is an invitation for you to explore your inner seasons and to honor your unique rhythms to feel joy and reach your greatness! You will feel nourished and supported by your inner nature and by beautiful women like you!

Spaces are limited, so please RSVP at 305 216 3347 or [email protected] to receive all the details!

See you at the beach!

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More Testimonials ❤️ from clients

"OMG! Lucia is amazing! Her gentle and persistent energy guided me to a very healing place. After the session I felt filled with love, happiness and inspiration for several days. I'm already feeling better with my health condition AND I've made major steps toward launching my business. "

Wysteria Oliver (Copywriter)

"I had a powerful session with Lucia, the instant I opened my eyes I felt a change in my way of perceiving some things and the following days everything changed with my environment. Thank you very much Lucia for this wonderful experience and gift."

Maria Gracia Bustamante (Environmental Dir.)

"Sessions with Lucia have changed my life, have changed me. Her heart is kind and caring, her mind is wise and clever, and she is open minded and genuine. Thank you Lucia, for all you've done for me."

Olga Terlitsky (Concert violinist)

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